The meaning of dreaming of children playing: fun and carefree

dreaming of children playing

Some dreams make your nights happy and you wake up with unusual energy. This is the case of dreaming about children playing , a dream experience that takes you back to childhood and with a very interesting meaning . You can imagine by the illusion with which you wake up and by the well-being that it transmits to you that it is a dream of good omens. And yet, it is convenient to take into account the negative information that he wants to send you. Discover in our dream dictionary what it means to dream of children playing.

Why do you dream of children playing

It is not that you have become a child again, it is that you are watching a few children play in the park, at school recess or in a square. Children play oblivious to adult concerns , with their own concerns, it is true, but childish wisdom knows how to compartmentalize better than we do. There are moments to have a bad time, but when we are playing, we are enjoying ourselves . Then there will be time to worry.

+This message that you can also integrate into your life is not the reason for the dream, although you can take it as its main meaning. Dreaming of children playing evokes childhood , carefreeness , the need for fun , entertainment , leisure , friends , happy time . And it generally happens when you are spending a moment in your life full of worries and with an excess of responsibilities. This is what you should pay attention to.

+Because, in effect, the dream of children playing is a wake-up call to your adult stress. Sometimes it is unavoidable, it may not be the time to get rid of responsibilities, but surely you can slow down the pace and surely you can also change the order of priorities in your life . Where do you find yourself? You take care of yourself? Do you take time for yourself? Do you find moments to enjoy life and those around you?

+It is important that you stay with the intention of the dream. Children playing represent some important aspects that you have lost on this path to adult life in which you still have a lot to learn. Children can teach you how to do that of playing, that of enjoying, that of dedicating time to yourself , to have fun, to rest, to be with your loved ones. Wake up and try to retain that childlike spirit to apply it to your day. Reserve in your agenda a space to play, a space to enjoy.

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