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Anna Jacoby-Heron is an American actress best known for her roles in Contagion (2011), Newly Single (2017) and Finding Carter (2014). She entered Hollywood as an actress with a role in the 2011 film Contagion, in which she played the character of Jory Emhoff. Contagion is a biohazard psychological thriller about a global pandemic that also starred famous actors Matt Damon, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jude Law.


She was born in Los Angeles, California on September 29, 1995, under the zodiac sign Libre. currently still lives in LA Her age is 22.


debuted in 2011 from the film Contagion. In her career, she played her first major role in the series Finding Carter as Taylor Wilson. In 2017 she appeared in an episode of the series, Grey’s Anatomy . The same year, he worked on the series, Stranger Things. In 2017, she was nominated in the Best Actress category for her film Just Single at the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival.


  • Height : Anna stands 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 m) tall.
  • Weight : Similarly, it weighs about 55 kg (121 lbs).
  • Body Stats : Anna’s well-maintained pear-shaped body reads 32C-25-35.
  • Eye Color : The dazzling blue colored eyes describe her calm and peaceful personality.
  • Hair Color : Her blonde hair is perfect for her.


We have no record of past relationships for Anna Jacoby-Heron. According to our data, Anna Jacoby-Heron is probably single.


Heron is currently worth around $ 2 million. She earns well from her professional career as an American actress. From a verified source Salary Scale , the average salary of an actress in the United States around $ 50, 313. In fact, the salary can range as high as $ 210,679 and as low as $ 19,113, based on their experience. She also earns about the same range as an actress. He is about to embark on his career, so, in the near future, there is a chance to increase his net worth.


Jacoby-Heron is an American actress best known for her role as Taylor Wilson in Finding Carter . Finding Carter is an American teen television drama that aired on MTV for two seasons from July 8, 2014 to December 15, 2015. The series stars Kathryn Prescott as Carter Stevens.

A teenager whose life is torn apart when she discovers that the woman she thought was her mother, Lori (Milena Govich), had indeed kidnapped her from her family when she was a child. Cynthia Watros and Alexis Denisof are her real parents, Elizabeth and David Wilson, along with Anna Jacoby-Heron and Zac Pullam as her siblings, Taylor and Grant Wilson.


2018The First (serie TV)
Denise Hagerty
– Near and Far (2018)… Denise Hagerty – The Choice (2018)… Denise Hagerty – Collisions (2018)… Denise Hagerty – Two Portraits (2018)… Denise Hagerty – Where Life Is (2018)… Denise Hagerty

2017 Sentimental situation (TV series)

– Grown Ups (2017)… Violet – Leftovers (2017)… Violet – Analog (2017)… Violet – Age Gap (2017)… Violet – He Said / She Said (2017)… Violet

2017Appena single
Madeline Stevenson

2017Stranger Things (serie TV)

– Chapter Seven: The Lost Sister (2017) … Dottie – Chapter One: MADMAX (2017) … Dottie

2017Grey’s Anatomy (serie TV)
Kristen Rochester

You Can Watch (But Better Not Touch) (2017) … Kristen Rochester

2014-2015 In Search of Carter (TV series)
Taylor Wilson

– Espiazione (2015)… Taylor Wilson – The Sheltering Sky (2015)… Taylor Wilson – The Corrections (2015)… Taylor Wilson – The Death of the Heart (2015)… Taylor Wilson – The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter (2015)… Taylor Wilson

2015Scream: Killer Party (Short)
Taylor Wilson

2013 Vegas (TV series)

– Road Trip (2013)… Anna

2011 Contagion


Anna is not pregnant in real life. Even though it was part of Grey’s Anatomy. The episode shows us how difficult it is to be pregnantIn prison. She follows three of Gray Sloan’s doctors as they go to a prison to treat 16-year-old Kristen Rochester (Anna Jacoby-Heron), whose unborn child has a life-threatening tumor. However, the medical details of his case are not the point.


You are supposed to be twins, so how did the audition process work?

Anna Jacoby-Heron: “We went for chemistry readings and they basically had three blondes and three brunettes. Three brunettes for Carter and three blondes for Taylor, and I don’t know if that matched the look as much as the connection. When Kathryn and I got into chemistry reading, they said we both sat at the same time and both crossed our legs at the same time. We did the same things with our hands and they said, ‘Wow, that’s really weird.’ So I think it came naturally. ‘

What is your character’s relationship with his mother up to this point?

Anna Jacoby-Heron:‘Up to this point I think her mother has played an important role in making her the very protected individual she is. I think after her sister was kidnapped, she somehow drilled her into Taylor to be careful and to be the protected person she has become. I think this made her very afraid to live. But she doesn’t resent it at the moment. I think once Carter gets home, Taylor wonders more about how Elizabeth handled their relationship. His whole life has been a little centered on Carter. Even though Carter wasn’t there, Elizabeth was looking for Carter and thinking about Carter all the time. But Taylor isn’t one who would actually talk to her mom and say, ‘Mom, I have a problem with the way our relationship is.’

Taylor returning

Is Carter’s return the first time Taylor has been questioned about how she lives?

Anna Jacoby-Heron: ‘Yes. Decidedly.’

How far do you go in this direction over the course of the season?

Anna Jacoby-Heron: ‘Far enough. He makes a 360 like the person he is. It changes a lot, which is one of the reasons I really love playing her is because she changes completely. ‘


How does it change?

Anna Jacoby-Heron: ‘It’s not like changing a crazy party girl; it’s not like I’m a crazy drinker. He is quite docile in this regard. As for his opinions and how he reacts to things and how he behaves, it’s definitely more ‘what I have to say matters’. He makes things known and doesn’t sit and let things happen. ‘

Does Taylor remember having a sister before age three?

Anna Jacoby-Heron: ‘No, I don’t think so. I don’t think Taylor has any … I feel like she might have random memories that come out of the middle of nowhere. Do you know when you have those weird childhood memories when you are older? So maybe that, but I think it’s a shock when he finally meets her. ‘

The rest of the season.

What can viewers expect from the rest of the season?

Anna Jacoby-Heron: ‘Taylor is going to meet new people and date some new people. It will change a lot, but in a very natural and authentic way. For example, I’ve known girls like Taylor who were really good two shoes in high school and then they get into their freshman year of college and go crazy because it’s like a whole world has opened up for them. Taylor will experience it. ‘

Will we see Taylor and Carter go to school together?

Anna Jacoby-Heron: ‘Yes. There isn’t much time in school. But they start dating the same people. They have this group of friends who are really fun. ‘

Did you get any feedback after the first episode aired?

Anna Jacoby-Heron: ‘Yes, there was really, really positive feedback. It was trending on Twitter, which is an important thing! And the reviews have been really good. People seem to like it. ‘

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