Who is Jester from “The Masked Singer”? Everything we know


We still have no idea who is beneath the Jester mask! However, we are keeping track of the most recent guesses and hints!

12 red flowers are the first clue.

The finalists this season have received 85 Grammy nominations, 27 Grammy wins, 12 Emmy nominations, 12 Razzie Award nominations, three Academy Award nominations, two Super Bowl appearances, and two Lifetime Achievement Awards, according to reports.

There are two groups in the season: Group A and Group B. The winners of each group will square off in the final episode of the season for the first time in the show’s history. During the season, wild cards reappear, culminating to the “Golden Mask” trophy.

What exactly is he and The outfit

On September 8, 2021, the mask was unveiled.

Jester is the perfect character, with his extra-long sleeves and huge shoulders.

A typical harlequin’s attire is comparable to that of a jester. The extra-long sleeves are constructed of a plaid cloth with a diamond design. The shoulders are disproportionately large.

Three curved horns protrude from the mask, which are constructed of the same Scottish tartan cloth as the rest of the costume. Two of them have fabric strips dangling from the ends, one white and the other red. The mask also features an optical illusion print with an exaggerated large smile.

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