Do you have a parking phobia? Take it easy, it has a solution

parking phobia

We are concerned about phobias related to daily activities and, in some cases, necessary, because they are very limiting and cause numerous emotional disorders. Some of them are related to driving and this time we speak in our dictionary of phobias of fear of parking , a disorder that affects more people than you think.

What is the phobia of parking

Some call it aparchophobia or parallelophobia, but the truth is that medically the phobia of parking does not have an assigned name . It refers to those people who feel unable to perform the maneuver of parking the car , especially if it is to do so in parallel. The anxiety it generates makes them unable to park.

Being afraid of parking is closely related to a lack of self-esteem , but also to prioritizing others. You can fear the reaction of the car behind you as you try to park and, of course, it has to do with gender stereotypes. Be that as it may, parking becomes a moment of panic is something to deal with.

Symptoms and consequences of parking phobia

When a person finds himself in the situation of parking the car, he experiences all the symptoms of anxiety , such as excessive sweating, tremors, rapid heartbeat or shortness of breath. In some cases, it can lead to a panic attack. And to all this are added the limiting thoughts of the type “I will not be able to do it”.

The result is usually that that person with a parking phobia decides to ignore a free space in parallel and take other turns looking for a place where it is easier for them. The stress you are subjected to with this fear is immense . And in the most serious cases, the phobia of parking can lead to amaxophobia , which is a general fear of driving.

Causes of parking phobia

Like all phobias, fear of parking can be caused by a traumatic experience . But in this case, more psychological aspects influence such as low self-esteem, the feeling of incapacity, the low self-esteem and the idea of ​​clumsiness, without forgetting the lack of experience behind the wheel.

The insecure people themselves are more likely to suffer from this phobia to park because they fear submit to the judgment of others. An impatient driver waiting for you to complete the maneuver can make parking a terrifying experience .

Treatment of parking phobia

The first reaction when we talk about any phobia is avoidance behavior. In this case, leaving the car at home and using public transport does not seem like a bad option, as long as it is done for the right reasons and not out of fear. Any phobia, even if you can avoid the stimulus without serious consequences, must be treated, as it can lead to other different phobias.

In addition to cognitive behavioral therapy that is used to overcome phobias and other emotional disorders, gradual exposure therapy seems the most indicated in the case of parking phobia. Both should be accompanied by the practice of relaxation techniques to reduce the effects of anxiety.

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