Who is Lydia Ellery? Meet the girl behind the ‘Squid Game’ banned account

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Squid Game appears to have taken over the globe, but it appears to have done so at the price of one Instagram user who has lost access to her account.

SquidGame or SquidGaming are the handles she uses on social media. Fans are curious as to why the Netflix series’ official account lacks those usernames.

Let’s find out who’s behind the Squid Game Instagram account, which has been suspended.

Who is behind the ‘Squid Game’ account, which has been banned?

Lydia Ellery is the owner of the Instagram account with the moniker ‘SquidGame,’ which has been blocked.

Lydia has used this account for years, but she ran into a difficulty when the Korean Netflix series aired.

Lydia began receiving comments from people questioning why she had the official Squid Game Instagram account as the program grew in popularity.

She had been locked out of her account as a result of individuals attempting to get in to her account and as a result of mass reporting.

Thankfully, Lydia’s pseudonym has been the only social networking outlet that has banned her. This implies she still retains control of her Twitch account, ‘SquidGame.’
Lydia retweets her response to the Instagram ban on Twitter.

As the experience got more serious, her protest about the ban became the most popular on Reddit.

She also requested that her Instagram ban be reviewed, which may take up to 24 hours. So it had been a long time since she had looked at her Instagram account.

Thankfully, internet user pressure has increased, and Instagram appears to have taken note.

Lydia tweeted, “Thank you so much for all the retweets, Reddit comments, and for tagging Instagram – my Instagram account was just unbanned.”

“Not sure what to do about my SquidGame name being reported/flooded with messages,” she wrote, “but hopefully this won’t happen again!”

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